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We provide car Air Conditioning servicing which is recommended by most manufacturers every 2 years.

Our workshop is fully equipped to carry out work with the R134a systems. The R134a service is £60.00 inc VAT.

We are also equipped to carry out work on the R1234YF systems however the service price for this is £150.00 inc VAT. 

An air con service removes moisture and air from the system which can cause damage/corrosion to the components. A service can improve cooling performance by replacing old gas, removing any dried balls of gas and correcting low gas levels due to evaporation (a common problem). However, a service will not address more serious problems or underlying issues such as component faults or leaks - only aid in their diagnosis.

Air Con Service - From £60-£150inc VAT -  (Including Re-gas)

R134a system £60.00 inc vat.

R1234YF system £150.00 inc vat.

If you are not sure which is installed to your vehicle please call and we will try to check for you. If we are unsure you may need to check for a sticker under the bonnet of your vehicle of call in so we can check it for you.

  • Full air con service
  • Recovery of refrigerant, evacuation of air and moisture from the system
  • Vacuum cycle to remove any dried globules of gas and create vacuum for pressure testing
  • Vacuum pressure test (service aborted without charge if major leak is revealed here)
  • Air con recharge (regas)
  • Waste PAG oil replaced
  • Leak detection dye added to aid detection of any leaks (repair not included)
  • Full pressure test
  • Visual check for leaks (slow leaks may require a return visit)
  • Pollen filters replaced upon request (£POA)
  • Temperature check
  • Safe handling & recycling of refrigerant

Our air con service takes approximately one hour and can be done whilst you wait. We are able to service almost every make/model of air conditioning system.

Air Conditioning Faults, Leaks & Repairs

The cost of repairing any faults or leaks is not included in the service price. If you suspect your system has a fault or leak, please feel free to contact us before booking to discuss the matter. We offer competitive prices for all air conditioning repairs.

If we are unable to complete a service (due to major leak), we abort the service without charge. You can then choose whether or not to pay to reinstate the service to diagnose the leak and determine the full cost for repair. There would be no obligation to undertake the repairs, the leak diagnosis charge would be half of the service cost-either £30 or £75. If you choose to have the repair done we would then add the other half of the air conditioning service to the repair.

The first step of our service is to evacuate any old or contaminated gas from the system. Then  a vacuum is run for 30 minutes-this is to flush and clean the system. The vacuum is then held for a further 4 minutes to check if there are any major leaks.

If the vacuum tests passes successfully, the vehicle will be re gassed - at this point the service is chargeable. In rare cases, should the air conditioning still not work at this point, a further diagnostic fee would be applicable to determine the source of the fault. We would call you for authorisation to re-book and carry out the diagnostic.

Once the car is refilled we will carry out a pressure test to make sure the system is running at the correct pressures. We will also check for small leaks using a UV inspection light-if any obvious leaks are detected we will evacuate the system and the service price will be halved - either £30 or £75. A quotation will be provided (again with no obligation). If you choose to have the repair done we would then add the other half of the air conditioning service to the repair.

Some minor or slow leaks may not be instantly detectable during a service. Although rare, such leaks may require a second inspection after a couple of weeks. The initial service remains chargeable but no charge will be made for the second inspection (providing its repeated within 1 month maximum from first inspection). Diagnosis will provide a quotation for repair (without obligation).

Any faulty components determined during the service will be quoted for repair or replacement as necessary (again without obligation). A charge for the service will apply.

Should you choose to proceed with the repairs and a second system evacuation and refill be required (i.e. should a second service be required after repair) - then no charge will be made for the second service/refill - only the cost of the first service and the repair price quoted.

Sorry if this text seems onerous, but air con services are complex to describe. We want to be clear and up front about the service process and the charges for diagnosing or repairing faulty and leaking systems. In the majority of cases, where no leaks or faults are found, the only fee due will be the air con service charge itself.


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