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At Sultas we provide servicing for all Audi models from the A1,A3,A4,A6 to the Q7 and R8 range. The servicing schedules for Audi are dependant on the owners driving style and the type of service scheule you require.

If you are unsure of which service your Audi requires then please read on or further still call us on 01132 79 79 92 and we will gladly help you decide. We are independent Audi specialists and we will be more than happy to provide you with the relevant servicing schedule for you and your Audi.

The two types of service schedules are: fixed inspection service ( time and distance) and flexible Longlife Service schedule.

The Fixed Inspection Service is done every 9000 miles or 12 months-whichever comes the soonest. If your annual mileage is greater than 10000 miles then there is another service plan available-Longlife service schedule.

Longlife service schedule is a flexible service which the car determines when it is due for service with a maximum of 19000 miles or 24 months. The intelligent Audi system uses sensors to determine the ash and soot content within the oil so it can then inform you when it is due or service by the display in the dash panel.

The table below shows the recommendations for both types of service plan



Recommended for:

  • Less than 10,000 miles per annum
  • Mainly city/town centre driving
  • Short journeys
  • More than 10,000 miles per annum
  • Motorway and main road driving
  • Mainly longer distance journeys
  • Constant speeds

Oil-Change service

Fixed to every
10,000miles* / 1 year

Flexible to a maximum of 19,000mile* /2 year

Inspection service

Fixed to every
20,000miles* / 2years

Fixed every
19,000mile* /2 year

To keep your Audi’s manufacturers warranty in 2003 block exemption was introduced so that you can decide where to take your Audi. We only use original equipment parts and we are fully trained in which service your Audi needs to keep the correct items checked and changed so your warranty will not be void.

If you find it difficult to arrange your busy schedule without the use of your vehicle then we also offer Courtesy cars at no cost to you as long as the vehicle is covered on your insurance with fully comprehensive insurance. We also have comfortable waiting facilities. Our location is very close to Leeds city centre so with prior booking we can give you a lift into town or just around the corner we have to Vue cinema with plenty to keep you entertained whist we look after your Audi.

Other services we can offer for your Audi:

• Oil Services


• Replacement Pollen Filters

• Brake Fluid Change

• Battery checks

• Rear brake check/Replacement (Pads, Discs, Calipers)

• Wiper Blade Replacement

• Timing Belt and water pump replacement

• Timing chain replacement

• Coolant/antifreeze testing and replacing

• Fault diagnostics

• Oil checks/ Refills Between Services

• Replacement Air Filters

• Replacement Spark Plugs

• Replacement Fuel Filter

• Front brake check/Replacement (Pads, Discs, Calipers)

• Replacement Clutch and Dual Mass Flywheels

• Engine Oil Service

• Diagnostic testing and repair

• Engine testing and repair

• Clutch replacement

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