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If your car needs a repair then please call us on 01132 79 79 92 or just click here to use our convenient online quoting system.

There may be a time when your Volkswagen breaks down and is in need of some repairs. Whether it be a rattle or a knocking or your brakes are squeaking. At Sultas only quality parts are used to fix any issues that may occur below is a list of common faults and example breakdowns.

VW exhaust replacement or repair.

Does your car sound noisy or is it using more fuel than normal?

Exhausts  aid the engine to run smoothly and produce the correct levels of emissions. Keeping your exhaust in good working order is so important and we are able to help you with this. It’s key to use a trusted manufacturer for exhaust as fitting "cheap" usually means fitting again soon after repairs are done.

A written quotation will be provided before work is done and a full 12-month warranty is given for peace of mind.

VW Brake Repairs

Brake discs and pads replacing, or brake shoe replacement.

Brakes are responsible for your safety so it is important to ensure that a fully qualified technician regularly checks your vehicles brakes.

Be mindful of signs that your brakes need attention; this includes a pulsating or vibrating brake pedal or a longer than usual braking distance or a warning indication is on your dashboard.

In order to drive with peace of mind and for other people’s safety, you have to feel you can rely on your braking system. If you drive a Volkswagen, you can rest assured that we will keep your car and its brakes running perfectly, and give a written quotation for any work needed.

VW Clutch/Flywheel Repairs

Gear selection stiff, slipping clutch or vibration/knocking through the clutch pedal.

Your VW clutch is a key component for your car to work efficiently. When you change gears whilst driving, your clutch is simultaneously working to ensure your car reacts and performs based on the gear selected. Clutch failure results in the car failing to drive and here at Sultas we want to help keep your car on the road.

Clutches do not have a recommended replacement interval. However, it will be very clear if a new clutch is required, and usually is diagnosed very quickly by our technicians.

VW Timing/Cambelt Replacement.

There are no warning signs that a timing belt is worn out (in some case the belt may rattle/rasp but these cases are very rare).

The warning signs of a damaged timing belt usually appear after it is already too late. To prevent this from happening every major service we do at Sultas the timing belt is inspected for signs of age and cracking on the belt material (only if inspection doesn’t involve a major strip down, usually not the case on a VW). If the belt is not replaced and then fails, this can become expensive. Your Volkswagen engine will suffer from the consequences of this.

Volkswagen specify certain intervals based on the age/mileage of your car to recommend when you should replace your timing belt to prevent any damage, if a timing belt change is needed we will provide a quote for replacement only using trusted part manufacturers.

Many of us will have trouble with our cars, such as a flat tyre or a warning light may illuminate on the dashboard. These lights are indicative of common faults that could become costly to repair if ignored. Sultas are able to identify any electrical or mechanical issues that your car may be suffering with and provide a written no obligation quote.

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