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What is a locking wheel nut key.

The reason we are asking for you to locate your locking wheel nut key and put it on the passenger seat is because if your car has them installed and we need to remove your wheels then we will need the key to take off the locking wheel nut/bolts. Not all cars have them installed but the majority of them do. 

If you are just having an MOT we don't need it for the MOT but if your car were to fail its MOT on an item that does require the removal of your wheels we would then need to find the locking wheel nut key.

If you know you haven’t used your locking wheel nut key during the time you’ve owned your vehicle, the chances are it’s where the manufacturer of the vehicle stored it or where the last owner kept it. They may be in a small plastic box, in a bag usually fluorescent yellow, green or orange. Sometimes they are just loose. The most common places are:

  • The glove box: many vehicle manufacturers will store the locking wheel nut key in the car’s glove box, so it makes sense to check here first.  Make sure you check all compartments as some cars have small compartments on the drivers side under the steering wheel. 
  • With your spare wheel: the spare wheel is usually kept underneath the bottom panel of your boot. Many car manufacturers will store the wheel nut key in a compartment next to the spare wheel itself, so make sure you look here. They may also be in a tool kit or a bag with the tools (the jack and wheel brace)
  • Boot storage: some manufacturers will store the wheel nut key in a storage panel either side of the boot. If your car has these storage panels, this is where it could be.
  • In or under the seats: if you’ve checked elsewhere, the final places you need to check are in the seat pockets, both driver and passenger, and under those seats as the set could have slid under there during travel.
  • In the centre arm rest: another common place it under the armrest in the centre console.

If you still are unable to find it please do not panic we will have a look whist your car is with us and see if we can find it, sometimes they are well hidden.

If we are unable to find the locking wheel nut key we do have tools which are specially designed for the removal of locking wheel nuts/bolts. This will be charged at the time taken to remove them but we would discuss this with yourself before we attempt to remove them.

Below are some images of locking wheels nut/bolts and their keys to remove them.


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